Incredible Museums in Vancouver That Reveals Some Secrets

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Vancouver the Seaport City has an incredible history and stopping over one of the museums is one of the best ways to delve deeper into its culture and about the city’s past. When we talk about museums Vancouver has hundreds of them lined up ranging from history, art, science, and contemporary museums. Some of the most popular museums in Vancouver include Museum Of Vancouver, Museum Of Anthropology, Vancouver Art Gallery, Science World, Rennie Museum, Pacific Museum of Art, and many more.

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Narrow down your searches with the list of museums we have made for you:

Pacific Museum of Earth

Pacific Museum of Art takes its visitors to the real wonders of dynamic earth with a 3D interactive virtual museum. The museum also features an Erath Science outreach and education center, a swimming elasmosaur, zooming detailed images of natural resources, and Omni globe, fossils, weather alley, information about the evolution of the earth, gigantic outdoor rock slabs and a Hominids Hall.

Vancouver Police Museum

Vancouver Police Museum is operated by the Vancouver Police Historical Society and is one of the oldest in all of North America. This heritage building initially served as a Coroner’s Court, a crime laboratory, and other autopsy facilities. Today it exhibits around 20,000 photos, artifacts, documents, and a self-guided tour is one of the best ways to dig deeper to discover the museum’s secrets.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Vancouver Maritime Museum was established in 1959 and is a museum that specializes in providing more information about the maritime history; Exhibits include St Roch National Historic Site Museum, model ships, Children’s Maritime Discovery Centre and other maritime art collection.

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Top Affordable Backpacker Hostel not to miss out in Ontario

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Ontario is one of the most visited destinations in California and if you have been wanting to visit this city, then it’s a good decision. But do you know which are some of the best places that can make you feel at home while you are a thousand miles apart? Good news because you will be spoilt for your choices while narrowing down for the best backpackers hostel in Ontario and that too at a good deal. Ontario is home to a dozen of places specifically designed to make its visitors feel safe and at home.

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College Backpackers Hostel

College Backpackers Hostel is an absolute traveler favorite as it is one of the most affordable hostels in Ontario, located in Downtown Toronto. The hostel features large beds, comfortable space, private rooms, single bunk beds, friendly travelers, and endless fun.

Ottawa Backpackers Inn

Ottawa Backpackers Inn is located in downtown Ottawa and is another very affordable hostel. It is located within the vicinity of popular cafes, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. Facilities include spacious dorms, locker rooms, common rooms, friendly staff, free WiFi, breakfast, free luggage storage, parking spots, coin laundry, etc.

The Only Backpackers Inn

The Only Backpackers Inn is located only 2.5 miles away from Ryerson University, Ontario. This hostel features a sun terrace with barbeque, shared kitchen, on-site bar, free WiFi, nonsmoking rooms, laundry, heating, breakfast, and many more.

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Best Things to Do and See within One Week in Honduras

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Here are some of the Best Things to do and See within one week in Honduras:

Visit the Copan Ruins

The Copan ruins have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a historical site that consists of the ruins of the Mayan civilization that was first discovered by Diego Garcia in 1570. It is an important landmark for Honduras religiously and politically. The Mayan region was occupied around 2000 years ago and tells a lot about the culture, living conditions of the Mayan people.

Get your feet wet in Utila

Utila is a beautiful island with crystal clear water, one of the best places in Honduras for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Utila has plenty of cheap stores, bars, and amazing coral reef sites where you can explore different fish species. Utila is popular among youngsters and backpackers as it is extremely affordable.

Visit the Largest flotation Park

Visit Float Utila which claims to be the largest flotation tank in the world. The salty waters provide a peaceful environment; visitors can go for kayaking and fishing here.

Go for an exquisite dinner at El Patio

El Patio is one of the most popular restaurants that was first established in 1977. Lovely atmosphere, great food, great service, and excellent staff are what best describes El Patio. This place is famous for its meat skewers, grilled steaks, anafres, and other authentic cuisines of Honduras.

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Best Fishing Sites Not To Miss Out in South America

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South America has been bestowed with incredible places where you can get the best of nature be it in terms of exploring old ruins, spotting amazing animals, meeting native tribes, hunting, swimming along crystal lagoons, or fishing. If you are someone who likes to have a big catch then finding a good fishing site is never a struggle in South America since it is home to several saltwater giants swarmed up with some of the best fish species. Some of the most popular fishing sites in South America are

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Here are some of the noteworthy fishing sites in South America:


Amazon Tourism

Amazon tops the list in Latin America when we talk about the finest fishing site. It is a hotspot biodiverse destination with a splendid amount of fish species you have never come across. Rivers like Rio Negro, Xingu, Trumpets, Madeira, Iquitos live up to the hype of every fish lover’s expectation. Common fish species found along this region include piranhas, giant Paiche, Peacock bass, etc.

Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina

Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina

For those wanting to visit a fishing spot with friends and families can visit the Las Buitreras Lodge in Argentina. This site offers its visitors with exclusive fishing holidays with outstanding guides. The lodge is home to 50 pools and also 6 spectacular fishing spots that have its origin between the Andes.


Panama Tourism

Panama is another fishing destination where you can catch plenty of tuna and saltwater fish species like. Panama waters feature primitive ocean type water surrounded by exotic landscape and is a true fishing paradise. Some of the best fishing grounds in Panama are the Gulf of Panama, Las Peras Archipelago, Gulf of Montijo, Bay Pinas, Coiba Island, etc.

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Amazing Places in Morocco that Give you a Glimpse of their Rich Culture

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Morocco is one of the country’s regions of Africa that overlooks the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the fifth-largest economy in Africa and its official Language is Berber and Arabic. Morocco has a rich history, exotic cuisines, and endless adventure for its visitors. Besides its famed coffee qualities, Morocco is home to popular attractions like Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace, Jama El f na Market, Koutoubia is what makes Morocco a great getaway destination.

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Jemaa el Fnaa

jemaa el-fna, Morocco

Jemaa el Fnaa is a square market in the old city of Marrakesh. It is a popular square and the word jamaa stands for congregation or mosque according to the Arabic. The square is mostly dominated by juice shops, leather shops, snake charmers, water sellers, Chleuh dancing boys, storytellers, peddlers, and magicians. As the day hits darkness the streets become livelier with food stalls and visitors pouring from different corners.

Bahia Palace

bahia palace, Morocco

Bahia Palace is a 19th-century beautiful palace amidst a green garden in Marrakesh. This place was constructed with an objective to capture the essence of the Moroccan and Islamic styles of the architect. At the center of the Bahia palace sits a 2acre garden with open courtyards. Main attractions include the entrance of the palace ground, the gardens, the sculpted and painted wooden ceiling, stucco decorated courtyards, the colored glass window, and the library.

Hasan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the second largest mosque in Africa located along the Casablanca region of Morocco. Its minaret is considered the tallest minaret in the world which was designed by Michel Pineau. It was completed around 1993, today around 1,05,000  worshippers daily and another 80,000 worshippers on the outer ground of the mosque.

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Four Most Popular Onsen You Cannot Miss Out In Osaka

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Osaka is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world and everything comes in a bigger package here. Whether you are seeking for less crowded onsen, tiny sushi bars of age-old museums, Osaka has a wealth of places for its visitors to suit their needs. With friendly and cheerful locals everywhere, getting around Osaka is as easy as stepping across a dumpling restaurant. Some of the most popular onsens in Osaka are Arimaonsen, Spa World Osaka, Saki-no-Yu, Niji no Yu.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Onsens In Osaka:



ArimaOnsen is an hour’s drive from downtown Osaka. It straddles right at the heart of the mystic mountains and is known to have existed around this region for more than 1000 years. This hot spring is one of the oldest bath sites that date back to 720 AD. The hot springs are known to offer its visitors with golden and silver water bath rich in minerals and known to have some healing effect on the body. This onsen is surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms and amazing scenery.

Spa World Osaka

Spa World Osaka

Spa World Osaka is a luxurious spa and is more popular with rich businessmen and alike. It is a seven-story spa where its visitors have a chance to get themselves drenched in some hot bath mixed with some milk and honey. It also features an Islamic stone bath, salt sauna, and also an Icelandic freezing wind-sauna.

Saki no Yu

Saki no Yu

Saki No Yu is also amongst the oldest onsen that offers open-air bathing. This site overlooks the Pacific Ocean, provides its visitors with an authentic bath amidst some of the best ocean views.

Niji no yu

Niji no yu

Niji No Yu is another expensive onsen that features an ornate stone wall, rich wood, marbled floors bathing sites. This onsen is also home to a waterfall in which visitors can enjoy it while having a carbonated bath on the rooftop.

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Four Amazing Beaches in Argentina that will have you come for more

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Besides its famed culture and historic sites, Argentina is also home to some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches offer endless opportunities for swimmers, surfers and marine animal lovers to get the best of both worlds. Some of the most popular beaches in Argentina are Playa Bristol, Villa Gesell, Mar De Ajo, Mar Del Plata, Monte Hermoso, Pinamar, Las Grutas, and many more.

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Take a look at some of the most popular beaches in Argentina:

Playa Bristol

Playa Bristol

Playa Bristol is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This beach is one of the most visited beaches in Argentina during the summer months. Other facilities on this beach include swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling with sea-lions.

Villa Gesell

Villa Gesell

Villa Gesell is a 6 m long beachfront in Buenos Aires. This beach is those visitors seeking a wave of peace and calm environment while indulging in other water sports.  Located near a charming seaside village this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Argentina to include in your bucket-list.

Las Grutas

Las Grutas

Las Grutas is another favorite of the locals as well as swimmers and surfers. It is located in San Antonio Oeste along the southern coastline of Argentina. With a warm climate, all year round this beach is widely notable for holding several beauty pageants and bikini festivals during the winter months.



Pinamar is located in the north of Mar del Plata and is widely celebrated for its chilled beaches. This beach remains less crowded throughout the year and is more popular with wealthy businessmen.

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Top-Rated Tourist Destination In Harrisburg That Will Change Your Perception About The City

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Harrisburg is the Commonwealth city of Pennsylvania and the 15th largest and the 96th most populated city of the United States. Besides its colorful history and famed role in shaping the economy, today Harrisburg is one of the most visited destinations. Brimming with age-old colonial buildings, classic motor cars, endless outdoor activities, Harrisburg is one of the best places for an interesting mix of both urbanities with authentic culture. Some of the top-rated tourist destinations include City Island, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, the National Civil War Museum, Wildwood Park, Capital Area Green Belt, etc.

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Before that check out these top-rated tourist destinations in Harrisburg:

Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park is a 90-acre park located within the vicinity of Harrisburg and partly administered and maintained by the Dauphin County Park. This park is most notable for its walkable trails as it runs parallel to the Paxton Creek. This region is also one of the best places in Harrisburg to enjoy endless outdoor activities ranging from hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and rock-climbing.

The Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Pennsylvania State Capitol

The Pennsylvania State Capitol has situated downtown Harrisburg and was designed by- Joseph Miller Huston. It draws its inspiration from the Beaux Art style and was finally completed in 1906. The building is one of the most beautiful buildings with a meaningful purpose. It is the oldest building complex with 475 rooms, a beautiful basement, a bronze entrance, a grand staircase, etc.

The National Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum is located along the One Lincoln Circle, Reservoir Park, Harrisburg. It is a nonprofit civil war museum that features restorations of the American Civil War of 1861. It is also built with the mission of preserving and developing the material culture of the war.

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Incredible Freshwater Springs Not To Miss Out in Florida

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Florida has one of the high4est concentrations of freshwater springs which are open all year round and the best spot to engage in endless outdoor activities.

From crystal clear pools to springs with shimmering shades of green and blue hues Florida has it all. Florida is home to around 700 natural springs making it one of the largest in all of the United States.

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Incredible Freshwater Springs Not to miss out in Florida

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Here are some of the top freshwater springs in Florida:

Alexander Springs

Alexander Springs, Florida

Alexander Springs is located within the proximity of Ocala National Forest that is encompassed by dense maple forest. This region is widely celebrated for its natural spring water making it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, hiking, canoeing, camping, picnicking and enjoying nature at its best form. The spring pool is sloped gently and suitable for swimmers for all shapes and sizes. It is also of some historical importance to the Native Americans- the Timucua Indians.

Juniper Springs

Juniper Springs

Juniper Springs is situated along the east of Ocala National Forest, Florida. It is a natural spring that is encompassed by aquatic grasses, sandy floors, limestone caves, and a natural oval-shaped pool. Juniper Spring measures up to 135 ft and up to 24 meters wide in a basin of concrete rock. This region is widely celebrated for offering endless outdoor activities ranging from canoeing, camping, hiking, swimming and spotting wild animals like turtles, heron, alligators, deer, raccoon, spiders, etc.

Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs, Florida

Initially known as Wekiwa Creek or Blue Spring, Rainbow Springs is an artesian spring in Marion County, Florida. It is the fourth largest spring in Florida and is recognized for its amazing contribution-490 million gallons of water to the surrounding areas. From boating, canoeing, swimming to kayaking this is one of the best places to quench your thirst for the ultimate watersports experience in Florida.